ZTE Mobile Work ala Nexus

Besides carrying qualified specifications, the appeal of the Nexus-now Pixel-located in a pure operating system, or better known as stock. ZTE also try to offer the same in the phone that was working.

According to the news began to circulate, ZTE is eyeing the niche left by Nexus. Formerly that Google’s mobile phone flirting with the price is quite skewed, than the phone in its class. Plus users also get exclusive rights latest Android updates.

However, since the Nexus 6 to now renamed so Pixel, Google phones they lack appeal. Google offered price tag not much different with mobile phones in its class.
This is the opportunity that is targeted by ZTE, the Chinese manufacturers have reportedly set up a phone with stock Android operating system. Just like that offered by Nexus or Pixel today. The advantage of using stock Android is a mobile operating so has the load lighter, because it did not have to deal with additional applications commonly embedded mobile phone vendors.

Another advantage offered by ZTE is a reasonable price tag, as well as the first Nexus. Unfortunately, ZTE has started the development of this Nexus-style phone with a password Project CSX. So it seems still quite a long time before Chinese manufacturers have released it.

Nevertheless speculation mention that ZTE might take a basis for the development of Axon 7. Moreover, with the specification that it has, the phone offered with fairly reasonable price tag, which is $ 400 or about USD 5.3 million (USD 1 = Rp 13,300).

But the name speculation would still need to be verified. So until there is clarity in the style of a true mobile phone Nexus wrought still a mystery.