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Why Biological Testing Should be Handled with Care

If there is anything requires accuracy more than anything is else is the biological testing specimen. The specimen should be properly collected, labeled, processed and stored during and after the testing.
The microbiological tests are not the same as any other lab test. The results are purely determined by what is present in the specimen. Mismanagement of the specimen affects the patient substantially as well as the hospital and the effectiveness of the laboratory. The outcome of the test determines how long the patient will remain in hospital, the effectiveness of the hospital and the cost involved. The errors that occur during the specimen collection are the ones that affect the results most. Such mistakes are very costly and time wasting as they will require having other specimen collected.

To reduce the errors; documents need to be signed before the specimen are collected from the patient to show the right procedure is followed. The specimen is then handed over to the lab with a form with all the details. That is a way of reducing the risks involved as well as making sure the results interpreted in the right way. For errors to be reduced, certain information must be in the form like, the name of the patient, the date of birth, type and reason of the specimen, date, time and the place where the specimen was collected.

The specimen should be collected in a clean atmosphere when the hands are clean. The specimen should be collected into a sterilized containers. No specimen should be left to spill, and therefore all specimen containing vessels should be closed with a lid. All Specimen containers are required to be transparent. Before any treatment involving antiseptics or antibiotics is carried out, you need the results from the microbiological results.

It is important to have enough knowledge of how the specimen of the infectious diseases are supposed to be handled. There should be some set policies defining how the labs are supposed to be handled. The lab shape;d follow the procedure manual to the details. Specimens are supposed to be taken before any antibiotics are administered to the patients. You must ensure the specimen are guarded against impurities and any other substance if you are to obtain accurate results. Immediately the sample is taken it is supposed to be delivered to the lab without delay. A lot of noise should be avoided where the specimen is collected. In order to ensure patient is assisted entirely, the results from the lab are supposed to give the true picture as much as possible. All those who are dealing with sample should be extra careful because any slight error affects somebody’s life.

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